2500 units: The Grapes 2500 units all come with a micro-usb charging cable.  This cable is used to charge your Grapes, or to charge when using a Samsung device.  To charge your Grapes insert the micro-usb into your wall adapter and the other end to your Grapes.  A blue light should begin to blink one time.  As your Grapes charger begins to fill up with power the frequency of blinks will increase, until the blue light remains solid to indicate your Grapes is fully charged!

*You will need to bring your own lightning cable to use all 2500 units with an apple phone.


4000 units: The grapes 4000 units all come with a micro-usb cable.  This cable is used to charge your grapes.  To charge your Grapes 4000 insert the micro-usb into your wall adapter and the other end into your grapes.  Once inserted you will see your Grapes indicator lights begin to breath.  As it begins to fill with power, more indicator lights will illuminate until all are solidly lit, which indicates your Grapes charger is full!

Pass through technology: Want to charge your Grapes and Apple phone at the same time through the same outlet? Well, you can.  Simply plug your grapes in to charge and hook your phone up to the attached lightning cable!


*All 4000 units come with an attached lightning cable.  You will not need to bring any additional cables with you to charge an apple device.


Old adapter problems? Our 4000 unit was engineered to be used with a newer high wattage power adapter.   If you are finding that you have been charging your grapes for a long period of time and power is not transferring to your unit, this is probably an issue with the adapter.  Attempt charging on a newer adapter and if problem persists contact us!

To get the most charge using your grapes, restrain from using your phone while charging. In addition, you will find you get much more juice if you put your phone in "airplane mode" while charging!